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Cristian Velez
Soil Conservationist 

Natural Resource
​Conservation Service (NRCS)

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Our Field Office Staff

Mitchell Soil and Water Conservation District

Mitchell County, Iowa

Rosie Christensen
MEC Contract Clerk

About the Mitchell Soil & Water Conservation District:

The district is made up of five locally elected residents of Mitchell County who volunteer their time as Commssioners and provide local program guidance to address and solve natural resource concerns within the district. We are here to help and work with you so that our natural resources will be protected for and enjoyed by the generations to come!




Rock Township

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Commissioner meetings usually take place on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 AM. These meetings are open to the public. 

The next meeting is:August 12, 2021 at 7:00 AM

Due to COVID-19, the meeting will be conducted via conference call. If you are interested in joining in on the call please contact the office for instructions.




Cedar East Township

 Our Commissioners




Cedar East Township 

Ellen Friedrich​
Rock Creek Watershed 
Project Coordinator 

Mitchell County Soil and Water
Conservation District  (MSWCD)

And Our Assistant Commissioners
Milt Owen

Dale Hemann
Chelsea Rowcliffe

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Kelly Kline
​​Conservation Assistant 

Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS-DSCWQ)




​Assistant Chairperson

Burr Oak



Thank you to our 2020 

Booster Club Members! 

Stewards ($100+): Mayers Digging, Gordon & Johanna Anderson, Wold Rim and Wheel, Osage Cooperative Elevator, Shirley & Dean Goplerud, John Newton, Newt/Bakke Fish Creek Farms, Absolute Energy LLC, Wilmer Jorgensen,

Dale & Cindy Hemann

Sustainers ($50-$99): Merlin & Fay Christensen, Wayne Clark, Allen Smolik, Rose McCarthy, Debra & Dan Freeman, Joan Clark Andresen, Gary Levinson & Jackie Armstrong, Foothill Farms – Mike Heimer

Supporter (up to$49): Clarice Bartz, Clem Johanns, Cyndy Groff, Jolene & Steven Norby, Mary Jensen, Fertile Valley Gardens, Thomas Heffner